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Why should I donate?
Your support helps create innovative programs and brings best practices from around the world to Minneapolis and the surrounding communities.
LHP&L is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint through simple actions we can take with our friends, neighbors, and cities. Click here for a list of our achievements and future plans.

Low on cash? Donate something for our annual silent auction held in May. Click here for details.

A Sense of Belonging

Be part of Linden Hills Power & Light! We believe environmental responsibility begins at home, so we’re making changes at the neighborhood level.

Click here to become a member today and join the green movement in your neighborhood. Because saving the environment begins at home!

Benefits include special member-only events, free admission to our speaker series (see here), neighborhood pride, and a warm feeling inside.
$25 – Friend (individual);
$40 – Family Friend (Family)
$100 – $500 -BFF (Best Friend Forever);
$100 – Corporate; 
$1000+ – Lifetime Golden Buddy Club (lifetime membership). What a relief to throw out those annual dues reminders! Surely it’s worth it!

What is Linden Hills Power and Light?
It’s a group of Linden Hills residents committed to impacting the fight against global warming, by acting locally first, then globally. We want to make our community an example to the rest of Minneapolis – by engaging our neighbors and moving them to action.

Why have members?
Opening LHP&L to paid memberships will grow the organization, raise additional funds and increase the number of programs it can sustain. It also allows us to find people that are just waiting to share their talents with the rest of us, and identify skillsets that are begging to be utilized. (Or you can just cheer us on, that’s fine too).

What exactly do you do?
We meet and work with the city, county, and other entities on your behalf to ensure we can bring innovative programs to our neighborhood like the compost pilot. We also work with numerous nonprofit groups to determine whether we can collaborate on initiatives that will enhance our community and fulfill our mission of reducing our local carbon footprint, building community, reducing waste, and conserving energy.

We keep up with all the latest advancements and reports on the environment so we can be your resource on what’s happening in that area. We read magazines like Biocycle (the bible for garbage and composting) so you don’t have to. And we attend conferences and take field trips to facilities in other cities so we can bring best practices back to Linden Hills.

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