Compost Captains

Compost Captains are your “go-to” people on your block for all things compost. Got questions about what is and isn’t and can’t be bothered reading our list here? Or have other questions they could help with? Click here for a list of compost captains by Linden Hills block. If you don’t know your block’s captain, email me and I will forward your details to them to contact you. If your block doesn’t have a compost captain, please consider volunteering! Simply enter your email below and select compost captain as your group and you’ll be kept informed. 

View a brief video of compost captains here.

Check out: Curbside Composting in Minneapolis -it’s so easy!

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency means using less energy to accomplish the same task. The more efficient use of energy throughout our country results in less money spent on energy by homeowners, schools, government agencies, businesses, and industries. The money that would have been spent on energy can instead be spent on consumer goods, education, services, and products. (For more economic impact information, see the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and the Alliance to Save Energy Web sites.) Click this page for easy options that can save LOTS of energy, AND money. Homework help: Energy Slogans here.

An energy-efficient economy can grow without using more energy. In 1998, for instance, the U.S. gross domestic product increased by 3.9%, while U.S. energy use decreased by 0.3%.


Join over 5000 Minneapolis residents who have already participated in the CES home energy visits. This is not a cookie-cutter program – every visit is customized to your house.

A technician and consultant will come to your home and replace all incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, wrap your pipes, check your furnace, conduct a blower door test to identify leaks, and even install and program a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one.

In addition, they will go over your utility bills with you and show how you compare to similar sized houses, and monitor your progress and improvements for the next 12 months. Best of all they are an impartial party who can evaluate larger changes you’ve been considering -e.g. new windows, and insulation, and provide estimates and recommended contractors who have been through their strict vetting process. They will also provide information on financing, incentives, stimulus funding, and rebates for those wishing to complete larger projects such as insulation or a furnace replacement.


Click here for an up-to-date listing of upcoming free workshops where you can enroll for your home visit.

Read the testimonials below or click here for even more; plus CES appearances in the media!


“I had experts looking over my home and I was able to have specific questions answered. This energy audit is an amazing deal for $40.”

Jennie, Longfellow

“Great value and love that they installed materials for me! Plus we had no clue how to prioritize projects – they really helped.”

Matt and Laura, Kingfield

“The experience was great. I felt that I was doing something that will change how I consume energy and help me to save money going forward.”

Bill, Longfellow

“ I had the home energy audit a couple of months ago and would be HAPPY to have a sign in my yard. I  LOVED it.  Found out my electricity use is very low (YEA) and how to finally weatherstrip that darned basement door for once and for all. ”
, Linden Hills

“A big THANKS is in order. We just replaced our ancient boiler with a new 95%+ efficient boiler/water heater system. We could do this ONLY because LHP&L got us hooked up with CEE’s Community Energy Services program. With their help we got a loan and are eligible for multiple rebates/tax credits, so we could afford to replace it! No more worrying if that old thing will make it through the winter. Yea!  ”
Deb and Doug, Linden Hills

“These guys were extremely helpful in telling me what to focus on first; otherwise I wouldn’t have a clue.  My house is very old and I can’t do everything but they helped me figure out where I am losing the most heat.”

“So lucky to have a program like this in the neighborhood – really like the “empowerment” aspect (concrete behavioral steps that can improve bills and energy consumption) – incredible value – the nice and devoted staff!”