ClearStream Unit Rental and Glad One Bag Challenge

ClearStream Unit Rental and Glad One Bag Challenge

Linden Hills Power & Light (LHP&L) has five sets of ClearStream recycling units available for your events. Larger events requiring more than five sets should contact Renee VanSiclen [email protected] to reserve up to 40 units.

LHP&L charges a small fee for unit rental in order to cover costs. For each “station” (set of three units -one each composting, recycling, and trash per photo at right) we charge $5, plus the cost of bags ($1 per bag). Minimum order $10. We also encourage you to submit photo/s and feedback after your event.

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Linden Hills Power & Light – ClearStream Loan Program Guidelines

  • ClearStream units shall be picked up from and returned to Linden Hills Power & Light, 2720 W 43rd St, Minneapolis MN 55410 M-F 10am-4pm. Email: [email protected]; Ph: 612-925-4249.
  • Photos or emailed feedback should be submitted to [email protected] within 3 days of your event date.
  • LHP&L reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to charge a damages fee if all ClearStreams are not returned in the same condition in which they were received (i.e., clean and undamaged). Containers must be cleaned before they are returned.
  • The ClearStream loan is not a guarantee until the application is approved and the fee is paid (you will be notified of approval).
  • Submitted photos may be used at the discretion of LHP&L, including and not limited to, websites, social media outlets, print and online publications, marketing, media requests, public displays, etc.
  • By submitting the photo/s, photographers consent they have permission from individuals to use their image or visual likeness from any people depicted in the photos.
  • By submitting the photo/s, photographers give LHP&L consent for unlimited usage rights of any images submitted. There will be no credit or compensation given to the photographer, the person submitting the photos or any people depicted in the photos.

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