Community Solar

Community Solar

Linden Hills Power & Light and Sundial Solar Energy, LLC are in the process of creating a unique Community Solar Project (CSP) program based on the Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Community Program and rates approved by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC).


A shared, centrally-located solar array system that provides electricity to participating subscribers.

BECOME A SUBSCRIBER! Subscriptions in the CSP are estimated at $1,650 per kilowatt of capacity for qualified subscribers. This pricing includes a reduction in costs based on federal tax incentives for solar energy that Sundial will pass through to subscribers. A typical MN home uses 800 kWh per month or 9600 kWh per year. A 4 kW subscription could provide half the electricity used by the average MN home. Solar power production from your shares is shown and credited on your monthly Xcel bill.

Subscribers pay an annual fee of 12 percent of the credits they received in the previous year. This annual fee is used for operation and maintenance expenses. Each year, CSP members will receive a report that details the total amount of electricity generated, total credits paid by Xcel Energy and any unsubscribed or unallocated credits, and all actual expenses for maintenance and administration of the membership base.


Unlike solar panels on your own roof, the electricity credits move where you move. As long as you have an Xcel energy bill and live in a county contiguous to the CSP, the credits will transfer to your new bill at your new home. Subscribers have the option to sell their subscriptions to another qualifying subscriber or to Sundial at any time based on the formula over the 25-year life of the CSP contract with Xcel Energy.


  • The ability of renters or others whose roof is unsuitable for solar to participate in a solar array
  • Energy cost offsets move with you even if you move homes
  • Estimated 8-year Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Subscriptions can cover up to 120% of your annual electricity usage
  • Electricity costs are locked in for 25 years
  • Quality assurances, turn-key maintenance, and energy guarantees
  • Minnesota-made and other high-quality solar energy systems
  • Sundial is a leading provider of solar in MN, including The Will Steger Center in Ely, the largest Minnesota-made array in MN (in Lakeville).
  • LHP&L is an award-winning non-profit dedicated to sustainable energy, waste reduction, and energy conservation