Southwest Pedal Power

Southwest Pedal Power

LHP&L Committee Southwest Pedal Power (SWPP) is looking to bring local, experiential insight and thoughts from our community to assist our City in the decision-making process and implementation of bike lanes in our community. Stay informed by joining our email list below. Visit the dedicated website here.
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Currently, we volunteer to bring stakeholders together to consider:

1. Ideas and recommendations from the City for Upton Ave S, between Hwy 62 and Lake Calhoun.

2. Efforts to make W 44th St an east-west thoroughfare, between Lake Harriet and Edina, connecting the business districts.

4. Efficiencies of implementation created by local resurfacing and infrastructure acceleration projects.

5. Other area priorities identified by residents, property owners, and the City of Public Works that is consistent with the Bikeways Master Plan.

Click HERE to read an article on choosing a bike by local resident Fred Mayers.

Identified stakeholders

  • Buy the T-shirt! Local area residents
  • Local area businesses
  • City Council (Betsy Hodges, Ben Hecker)
  • Dept of Public Works Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinators (Shaun Murphy, David Peterson)
  • City Dept of Public Works Resurfacing Project (Chris Trembath)
  • Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Minneapolis Bike Coalition
  • Park Board
  • Linden Hills Power & Light
  • Local events: National Night Out, Farmers Markets, neighborhood associations
  • Nice Ride

Included in our meeting sessions are:

  • Bill Dooley, local Bicycle Advisory Committee representative to the City of Minneapolis
  • Matthew Hitchin, Linden Hills resident, and cyclist
  • Fred Mayer, Fulton resident, and cyclist
  • Linea Palmisano, Linden Hills resident and cargo biking momma
  • Lisa Peterson-Bender, MN DOT and Lowry Hill resident
  • Susan Priem, Fulton resident and board member of the Minneapolis Bike Coalition

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